Experts in National Sports Organization Management Systems

For over two decades our team has been serving the US Olympic NGB movement with highly customized integrated membership, certification and event management platforms. Giving you the tools to manage your organization at the national, regional and local level, allowing you to focus on growing your sport.


Olympic experience, veteran status, contact info, athlete info, customer history, memberships, certifications, user info, event registrations, rosters, communication history, etc.


Define pre-requisite certifications, screenings, ages; set length of memberships, renewal dates, start dates, reminders, manage requests for certificates of insurance, etc.


Define pre-requisite events/clinics, superseding parameters; set exam questions, pass rates, embed videos; process background screenings and Safe Sport Trainings, trigger roster eligibility, set certificate designs, etc.

Event Registration

Set athlete registrations, staff registrations, check-in deadlines, manage real-time eligibility requirements, define categories, divisions, age groups, track and publish results, offer discount codes, event insurance, etc.


Robust reports, sort and group data, view trends; view memberships awaiting approval, certifications awaiting completion, transactions awaiting payment, etc.


Automate notifications, reminders, updates/newsletters; build email templates, set up contact groups, communicate to specific groups; link social media platforms, etc.

Event Sanctioning

Set up sanctions, dynamic pricing, pre-requisites, sell tickets, communications, facilities and locations; approve sanctions submitted by regions and clubs, set up registrations, define if the event is available online or back-end only, etc.

Help Desk

National office can submit improvement requests, help/assistance requests and system issues though our Helpdesk; stay up to date on in progress and upcoming global improvements; ask us to configure user role settings, etc.